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Welcome to Flashlightlens.com!

Welcome to Flashlightlens.com! We have lenses to fit Maglite®, Mini Maglite®, SureFire®, TigerLight®, Streamlight®, Brinkmann®, Pelican®, Trustfire, Elecktrolumens, and more. Replace your scratched plastic or polycarbonate flashlight lens with a new glass or acrylic lens now!

Our business is based in the USA and our lenses are cut in the USA.

If you have a request for a particular product and you don't see it on the site, please contact us - we'll see if we can get a hold of it for you.

ALL ACRYLIC MATERIAL (IR, Acrylite, Hardcoat, and AR Acrylic) CAN BE CUSTOM CUT TO ANY SIZE OR SHAPE!! - Contact us for details


Get Free Lenses!! - Help us fill out our Application / Spec Chart with something we may be missing and earn a reward.  Tell us what size fits something and we'll send you that lens (if we carry it), or a different lens of your choice.  Some limitations probably apply somewhere in there, but really though, we'll make it worth it.

UCLv3 Now Available:  This lens has been nearly a decade in the making.  We've finally been able to fabricate some AR coated Borofloat® at a competitive price.  This glass is manufactured in Germany and coated/cut in the USA and represents quite possibly the perfect combination of durability and optical performance.  Check it out NOW!


UCL™ v3 AR Coated Borofloat®
The latest and greatest in our UCL™ lineup. Tough Borofloat® glass with a beautiful 2-side AR coating

UCLp™ AR Coated Acrylic Lenses
This stuff continues to blows us away. Every time we look at the coating, we can't help but smile.

Hardcoat Acrylic
Quite possibly the best compromise between polycarbonate and glass. The best of both worlds? Check it out for yourself.

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