Borofloat® Lens

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Manufactured by Schott, this glass is's workhorse. This glass is similar to Pyrex® in that it is a borosilicate type of material and able to withstand extreme thermal shock. That's where the similarities end. Unlike Pyrex®, this glass is manufactured using Schott's Microfloat process. This produces a piece of glass that's virtually flawless and has mirror-like surface quality. Since 2002, when introduced this type of glass to the flashlight world, many manufacturers have seen the benefits of Borofloat® and now make this glass standard on their lights. Its outstanding mechanical, thermal, and optical properties make it a great choice for those not concerned with achieving that extra 5% of light transmittance that UCL® provides. This lens is also the preferred choice for those building "extreme" lights that produce high amounts of heat.

Light transmission: 94%
Substrate: Microfloat borosilicate
Coatings: None
Thermal durability: Outstanding

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